Meet our production manager – Olav Johan Lyngstad

Press Release

Everything is going according to plan. Over the past year, Salmon Evolution has appointed seven key personnel who will take care of and administer their specialist fields. Overall, we now have a well-equipped team of 10 who will be working to realise Europe’s largest land-based fish farm. During the summer, we will be presenting our personnel – who are all hugely motivated to contribute to a more sustainable development.

Olav Johan Lyngstad

As production manager, Olav will be responsible for the design of the plant and for ensuring that it is optimised for the welfare of both fish and workers. “What we’re going to do here hasn’t been done before on such a large scale,” he says. “That’s both challenging and exciting.”

Olav has had a long involvement in the aquaculture sector, and is pleased to be able to apply his knowledge and experience to help realise our facility. He talks about this with a combination of pride and humility.

“Our vision accords with my own desire to usenature, but not consumeit. We will respectfully harvest the wealth, but leave the smallest possible footprint for coming generations. That was something which struck through to my heart when Salmon Evolution emerged, and which is why I’m working here today.”

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