We believe that innovation, combined with a strong sense of responsibility, creates a better and more sustainable product. By sustainable, we mean continual improvements in fish welfare and the lowest possible impact on our shared planet.

Salmon Evolution

Our fish-farming evolution​

We combine the best conditions offered by the sea with innovation and new technology on land. In this way, we are able to raise our salmon responsibly and sustainably in a safe, healthy and optimised environment. 

This also allows us to commit ourselves to minimising the impact on our shared planet, so that present and future generations are taken care of.

We take responsibility for the following:


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• We monitor, control and treat our water resources so that the risk of disease, sea lice and other parasites is kept to a minimum.

• To give the salmon the best possible conditions, we optimise water flow and temperature to secure good growth and a salmon which thrives.

• We devote great attention to developing a high-quality tailored feed which improves salmon health and ensures good fish welfare.

• Our technology demands minimal fish handling and lowers mortality levels.


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• Our technology ensures that no fish escape, which means no harm to local biodiversity and nature.

• We make biogas and fertilisers from our own waste and feed residues in order to reduce waste and contribute to a circular economy.

• We stimulate society locally by sharing our knowledge and creating attractive job opportunities.

• We support and sponsor local initiatives to contribute to a lively and vital local community.

• Our production facility at Indre Harøy was a disused industrial site when we took it over. So adapting the area to our business has kept intrusion in nature to a minimum. 


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• We increase the supply of healthy proteins for a growing population.

• We commit to green energy sources and to keeping energy consumption to a minimum.

• Innovative technology helps us to use less energy for moving and heating water.

• We have developed sustainable feed with a lower CO2 footprint and zero harm to rainforests.

Salmon Evolution® is part of the solution for feeding the future with high-quality, sustainable protein.

A growing need exists for sustainably farmed salmon. The UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) predicts that the world’s population will reach 9.7 billion by 2050. Demand for food is set to rise by 50 per cent, and meeting this requirement will call for a significant increase in protein production.

Seafood is quickly becoming an important contributor in meeting this demand. To alleviate the pressure, aquaculture – including salmon farming – is necessary for efficiently managing and maintaining both wild fish stocks and the ocean’s natural biodiversity.

Salmon is among the most efficient protein sources to produce. Its feed conversion ratio (FCR)  – the amount of feed an individual fish needs to gain one kilogram of body weight – is well below other common protein sources.    

Protein production facts

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