The salmon we farm on land has been raised in clear and clean water. We meet the strictest standards for quality, fish welfare, origin and sustainability. That gives a high and stable harvest weight.

Best-in-class fish welfare, optimal water conditions, strong focus and use of high quality feed will ensure consistently superior product quality.


Good fish health is the recipe for success

Our philosophy is fish welfare  

Farming fish is a craft which calls for a high level of knowledge and skill. We put our soul into ensuring the best possible salmon health. That is the recipe for success. 

Control over the production environment and stable water parameters ensure better fish health, increased growth and shorter time to harvesting. Heating the water provides stable temperatures in the various production phases. 

The risk of parasites like salmon lice is eliminated by taking in seawater from depths of 25 and 90 metres. Cleaning and disinfecting intake water creates an infection-free environment and reduces the risk of illness.  

We also minimise risk by making each tank a defined biological zone. This means that its fish and water are not shared with other tanks. 

Minimal handling will create good growth conditions and opportunities for optimal feeding and reduced losses during the production cycle. 

A sustainable food chain with traceability from roe to plate

High and uniform harvest weight  

With stable growth conditions and high biological output from roe to harvest-ready fish, we meet the highest quality standards – as well as the market’s requirements for high and uniform harvest weight. 

We have full control of the biomass at all times. Modern monitoring systems follow the fish and their welfare indicators at the level of the individual, which allows us to register and sort them in an effective way. 


Salmon with first-class quality  

In collaboration with Benchmark Genetics, we are developing the genetics of our salmon to be optimised for land-based farming. The emphasis is on growth, robustness and properties such as fat content, colour and fillet quality. 

A land-based breed which does not need to take account of challenges faced in the sea, combined with the best possible fish health, optimal water quality and strict standards of quality feed with a sustainable origin, will give our customers first-class salmon.