Meet our COO – Ingjarl Skarvøy

Press Release

Everything is going according to plan. Over the past year, Salmon Evolution has appointed seven key personnel who will take care of and administer their specialist fields. Overall, we now have a well-equipped team of 10 who will be working to realise Europe’s largest land-based fish farm. During the summer, we will be presenting our personnel – who are all hugely motivated to contribute to a more sustainable development.

Ingjarl Skarvøy

Ingjarl is one of our founders. As chief operating officer, he now wants to apply his experience from several decades in conventional aquaculture to realising the dream of farming grow-out fish on land. The combination of this background, what he calls an optimal location, value creation in the region and government facilitation mean that he has devoted the past two years to us. He is now pleased things are in place.

“We’ve established a strong team which covers the technical disciplines required to realise and create a profitable and sustainable project,” Ingjarl affirms. “I now want to concentrate on the operational aspects, and on ensuring that the intentions with the facility are met through the various processes through to completion.”

He is convinced that land-based aquaculture is part of the future: “It’s exciting that we have possibilities both to think along new lines and to operate differently. Fish farming on land opens fresh opportunities for producing sustainably. Good circular economics aimed at exploiting existing sources of new energy, such as fish sludge, makes this project unique.”

At the same time, he does not play down the fact that challenges will be faced along the way. “We’ll put all our energies into dealing with every eventuality and challenge which emerges, and we’ll be as well equipped as possible to ensure that the fish have optimal living conditions.”

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