Meet our vice president communications – Vibeke Hanssen

Press Release

Everything is going according to plan. Over the past year, Salmon Evolution has appointed seven key personnel who will take care of and administer their specialist fields. Overall, we now have a well-equipped team of 10 who will be working to realise Europe’s largest land-based fish farm. During the summer, we will be presenting our personnel – who are all hugely motivated to contribute to a more sustainable development.

Vibeke Hanssen

Vibeke’s most important job as our vice president for communications is to convey information as well as to increase knowledge of land-based aquaculture in general and our company in particular. “We must become known for something,” she says. “And we must create that identity ourselves on the basis of who we want to be.”

She makes it clear that we will play an active social role and be a driving force for sustainable development. “We have everything needed to give solid content to the sustainability concept,” she says.

“That gives us a unique opportunity to pursue fish farming in a way which safeguards the environment and reflects several of the UN’s sustainable development goals. This relates to both renewable energy sources and recycling, while we simultaneously ensure that the fish swim around in optimal conditions.

“The whole industry will benefit. This isn’t about land-based or sea-based fish farming, or fishing for that matter, but about Norwegian seafood. Our brand and our reputation.”

This is a matter of managing the Earth’s resources in a conscious manner, Vibeke explains. “It’s incredibly satisfying to be able to work with something which you know will make a positive contribution.

“We know that demand for food will increase, and we know we must become better at looking after Mother Earth. I’m now able to work on both of these issues, together with a team which devotes all its time to achieving this as a joint enterprise. That’s a good feeling.”

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