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Press Release

Salmon Evolution has appointed Trond Valderhaug as its chief commercial officer (CCO) with effect from 1 October. Currently sales vice president for Asia at Mowi, he has acquired solid experience of national and international sales over almost 20 years.

Rigging up

The appointment of Valderhaug means that Salmon Evolution is rigging up to commercialise output from its land-based fish farm.

“Our product is due to be on the market within the next two years,” says CEO Håkon A Berg. “Until that time, we will be documenting the advantages of our land-reared salmon and have a strong story to tell.

“Trond has long experience and an extensive network in strategic markets. He’s the right person to lead this work, and we’re very pleased to have this expertise in place.”

Trond Valderhaug. Photo: Doxacom

Building up

Valderhaug wants to contribute to building up something unique in western Norway.

“I want to apply my experience to help realise this aquaculture adventure,” he explains with great enthusiasm.

“Becoming involved at an early stage and having the opportunity to influence the commercialisation of a quality product in the market are important reasons why I’m getting to grips with this assignment.”


Valderhaug is transferring from conventional aquaculture to land-based fish farming.

“I am sure that the land-based approach will be part of our future, and I’m convinced that the way Salmon Evolution is doing this – utilising large volumes of fresh seawater – is the most secure way of implementing it,” he says.

“That applies both biologically and in relation to the product we’ll be proudly serving up to the market.”

Further information:

Håkon A Berg
CEO, Salmon Evolution
+47 411 92 257

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