On schedule to receive fish next March

Press Release

Almost 200 people are in full swing at Salmon Evolution’s Indre Harøy fish farm, with nine of 12 tanks completed and both input pipes in place to take water from 25 and 95 metres respectively.

This means the company is on schedule for receiving its first fish at the land-based facility in western Norway during March 2022, project director Kamilla M Holo confirms.

“We’re maintaining the planned progress, and are now moving towards a testing phase,” she says. “This will involve checking functions, equipment and components until we take delivery of the first fish tanks.
“At the same time, we’re still in a construction phase and will be working to complete the complete farm towards the end of 2022.”

Outfitting work in the administrative section is also under way, an enthusiastic Holo reports.

“It’s fantastic to see the farm take share and to know that we’re approaching the start to operations at Indre Harøy. This, of course, is where many of our employees are to work in the future.”

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