Meet our fish welfare manager – Oddvar Repstad

Press Release

Everything is going according to plan. Over the past year, Salmon Evolution has appointed seven key personnel who will take care of and administer their specialist fields. Overall, we now have a well-equipped team of 10 who will be working to realise Europe’s largest land-based fish farm. During the summer, we will be presenting our personnel – who are all hugely motivated to contribute to a more sustainable development.

Oddvar Repstad

Oddvar’s boss is the fish. His most important job is to take care of its health, needs and welfare. During the design phase, he is responsible for ensuring that all the choices made in terms of technology and shaping of plant, tanks and equipment contribute to optimal fish welfare and health.

“Everything we do will have the wellbeing of the fish in mind,” he affirms. “And land-based fish farming gives us the opportunity to achieve good control of all production parameters, such as water quality, temperature and light.

“I’ll be ensuring that we comply with applicable legislation, while we’re seeking ever better methods for measuring fish welfare. Big opportunities are offered here by sensor technology and Big Data.”

Several technological, process and biological disciplines will be involved in the plant. It is important that all these concentrate their attention on the fish, and Oddvar will be the link between our own personnel and other parties involved in order to achieve active knowledge transfer and enhance expertise.

Oddvar has long had his sights on us, and is very proud to be part of a company which contributes value creation to the region and which will be producing healthy food in an innovative and sustainable manner. He highlights teamwork as a big plus: “We learn something new here every day”.  He is pleased and proud to be allowed to participate in a team with an incredible amount of expertise and experience.

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