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We will achieve our vision of extending the ocean potential to be a beacon for sustainable development by promoting a culture where sustainability and profitability reinforce each other.


Salmon Evolution

Salmon Evolution AS was established in 2017 to pursue salmon farming on land. Our first production facility is currently under construction on Indre Harøy. Strategically located on the Norwegian west coast, the site offers access to an educated and experienced workforce, an established infrastructure for salmon farming, renewable energy and unlimited fresh seawater.

This facility is being developed in three phases, with phase 1 due to provide an annual capacity of 9 000 tonnes when completed in the fourth quarter of 2022.

The overall project is designed for a total annual capacity of 36 000 tonnes from its completion in 2028. It is based on a hybrid flow-through system (HFS) which ensures controlled and optimal growth conditions, and limits the risk of parasites and diseases.  

Combined with a global expansion plan, we’re targeting an annual production capacity of about 70 000 tonnes in the medium- to long-term perspective.   


Hybrid flow-through system 

Our choice of technology is based on substantial supplies of fresh seawater. It ensures the best possible water quality for the fish while involving very limited operational and biological risk, and is cost-effective in terms of both investment and production.  

Utilising the hybrid flow-through system (HFS) minimises the biological risk of farming salmon on land.  

The facility we are installing will mean that about 35 per cent of water in the farm at any given time comprises clean and fresh seawater, while roughly 65 per cent can be reused.  

This avoids complex challenges which can arise with higher reuse rates which require biofilters. It provides salmon in the farm with optimal conditions for growth, health and welfare. 


Extending the ocean potential™

We are a Norwegian land-based salmon farming company which wants to be a beacon for sustainable business through our vision of extending the ocean potential. We’ll achieve that by promoting a culture where profitability and sustainability reinforce each other. 

  • State-of-the-art facility under construction for 36 000 annual tonnes (roundweight) 
  • Phase 1 of 9 000 annual tonnes (roundweight) to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2022  
  • Optimal risk/cost balance utilising hybrid flow-through technology  
  • Exclusive right to proven technology 
  • Strategic partnership with Dongwon Industries for expansion in South Korea  
  • Roadmap to +70 000 tonnes – several identified growth avenues  
  • Highly competent team backed by strong industrial owners  


Extraordinary General Meeting

The extraordinary general meeting in Salmon Evolution ASA will be held virtually on Friday 18 November 2022 at 11:00 (CET).


Financial calendar

Quarterly Report – Q3
at Hotel Continental, Oslo

Our choice of technology is based on substantial supplies of fresh seawater.