Integrated Annual Report 2023
Integrated annual report 2023. Illustration

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The Board of Directors of Salmon Evolution ASA has today, on April 16, 2024, approved Salmon Evolution’s Integrated Annual Report for 2023.

In 2023, Salmon Evolution reached significant milestones, solidifying its global leadership in land-based salmon farming. With a harvest of approximately 1,900 tonnes HOG, the company entered a new phase of stable operations and regular sales after years of development and construction. Salmon Evolution’s success underscores its ability to produce salmon on land at an industrial scale, with robust biological performance.Human capital remains pivotal to its success, with a team of around 70 dedicated individuals driving its progress. Their expertise and passion have been instrumental in the company’s continuous improvement efforts.

Looking ahead to 2024, Salmon Evolution is poised to maintain its industry leadership. With operations fully operational and a favorable salmon market outlook, Salmon Evolution is well-positioned to demonstrate the profitability of its business model.

Please find attached the Integrated Annual Report 2023 for Salmon Evolution, including ESG reporting and complete annual accounts with notes. 


For further information, please contact:

Trond Vadset Veibust, CFO
+47 48 09 05 95



SALME Integrated Annual Report 2023



About Salmon Evolution

Salmon Evolution is the global leader within land-based salmon farming with a clear roadmap for 100,000 tonnes HOG annual production capacity. Pioneering the hybrid flow-through system (HFS), Salmon Evolution is Extending the Ocean Potential by creating optimal growth conditions in a controlled environment on land. This approach, capturing the benefits of both land-based and sea-based farming, puts biology first and limits operational and biological risk.

Salmon Evolution is strategically located the heart of the global aquaculture industry on the west coast of Norway, where the Company has its first facility and global centre of excellence fully operational at industrial scale. Enabled by the proof of concept in Norway, Salmon Evolution targets significant international expansion.

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