How we will minimise the biological risk in fish farming on land

Press Release

Biology is the most important consideration for us.

We will be using known technology to disinfect intake water, including both filter solutions and ultraviolet to prevent pathogenic bacteria and viruses. Each tank is a defined biological zone – in other words, fish and water are not shared with other tanks. This minimises the risk of transferring infection from tank to tank in the farm.

And with the aid of throughflow technology with recycling, we will use clear and fresh water from the Norwegian coast off Indre Harøy in Hustadvika local authority to give the salmon optimal conditions for growth, good health and wellbeing.

The graph shows how new water in land-based fish farming will influence complexity related to technological and biological challenges. We will reuse about 65 per cent of the water which enters, and thereby avoid complex challenges which can arise with a higher degree of recycling and the need for biofilters.

The film shows how we will produce 36 000 tonnes of salmon per year:

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