From Brunvoll to Salmon Evolution

Press Release

Salmon Evolution has appointed Odd Tore Finnøy to lead the company, which plans to become one of the world’s largest players in salmon farming on land. Finnøy has long experience of leading international industry groups, including Brunvoll. He will take over immediately as CEO for Salmon Evolution following a long and detailed recruitment process.

“We are extremely pleased to have put such an experienced business leader as Finnøy in place to front the company externally and build it internally,” says chair Kristofer Reiten.

Reiten makes no secret of the fact that the company faces many important milestones in the time to come, and that Finnøy’s recruitment is an important step towards realising this aquaculture adventure.

Finnøy sees the opportunity to create profitable food production in a new and sustainable way, “I’m really looking forward to this. I feel a genuine desire to create, build and develop the company in collaboration with a highly competent team where attention is focused on sustainability.”

Over the past six months, Salmon Evolution has built up a solid staff which possesses leading-edge expertise in several fields, and its new office premises at Molde now houses seven employees.

For more information, contact:

Kristofer Reiten                                                       
Chair, Salmon Evolution AS
Mobile  +47 482 65 410

Odd Tore Finnøy
CEO, Salmon Evolution
Mobile +47 900 60 960

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