Salmon Evolution has a dedicated and competent management team and board of directors with extensive experience from business development and the aquaculture industry. Their common driving force is a firm belief in farming high quality salmon sustainably on land, based on the best choice of technology and empowering the right people.

Meet our Board of Directors

Tore A Tønseth


Tore A Tønseth is the investment vice president at Ronja Capital and has worked in the finance market for more than 15 years. Earlier appointments include share analyst in both SpareBank 1 Markets and Pareto Securities, with seafood, technology and industry as special fields.

He was responsible for seafood analyses at SpareBank 1 Markets from 2013 to 2019. At the same time, he was in frequent demand as a speaker in Norway on seafood, finance and sustainability. Tønseth also has a background from various technology start-ups, where he has been both product manager and system developer.  

Tønseth has an MSc in economics and administration from the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH), specialising in finance and econometrics. 

Ronja Capital II AS, a close associate of Tore Tønseth, owns 30,140,645 shares in Salmon Evolution

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Peder Stette


Peder Stette has been in the fishing and aquaculture industry for the last 25 years. From 1994 he developed Peter Stette AS to be an important supplier of technical solutions to the industry before merging with Optimar in 2014. Optimar was later sold to Haniel in 2017, and Peder had the position as CTO and later CCO in Optimar until 2021. He is now the CEO of Stette Holding, a family investment company.

Peder Stette holds the position as director of Ably Medical, Invisible Connections, Biaton, NSP Aid and others. For the coming years he will use his knowledge and experience to build values in the companies the Stette family is invested in.

Stette Invest AS, a close associate of Peder Stette, owns 11,744,288 shares in Salmon Evolution.

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Anne Breiby


Anne Breiby has a BSc in fisheries biology from the University of Tromsø and experience as aquaculture coordinator for the director of fisheries in Nordland county, organisation secretary for the Norwegian Fish Farmers Association, political adviser in the Ministry of Fisheries and state secretary (junior minister) in the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

Over the past 20 years, Breiby has been self-employed with boardroom work as her main activity. She has board experience from Ulstein Group ASA, Rem Offshore ASA, Folketrygdfondet, Norges Sjømatråd AS and Sparebanken Møre. She is currently chair of Tafjord Kraft AS and St Olavs Hospital HF, and deputy chair of Akva Group ASA.

Breiby owns 168,935 shares in Salmon Evolution.

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Ingvild Vartdal


Ingvild Vartdal has a law degree and long experience as a corporate lawyer, and is currently a lawyer and partner in Adviso Advokatfirma AS. She specializes in corporate and international tax and has extensive experience from these areas in industries like fishing, shipping and finance. She has previously worked as a lawyer and partner in Advokatfirmaet Schjødt AS, in KPMG Law, and as a legal consultant at Bærum tax office. Vartdal has also been a member of the law committee for tax law.

Vartdal holds several directorships, and has experience from business management in both private and listed companies.

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Vibecke Bondø


Vibecke Bondø has broad management and business experience, primarily from the aquaculture industry.

She joined the family business Vikna Sjøfarm as CFO in 2004, a position she held until the merger with Lund Fiskeoppdrett in 2010 to create SalmoNor, and she then stepped up to become CEO.

SalmoNor was developed into a top tier performer within the industry and merged with NTS owned Midt-Norsk Havbruk in 2021.

Vibecke subsequently served as Chair of the board for NTS ASA until acquired by SalMar in 2022.

She has held several other directorships including Seaborn, Salmon Group, the Norwegian Seafood Federation (Sjømat Norge) and the Norwegian Confederation of Business (NHO).

Vibecke is currently focusing on own investments along with select directorships.

Bondø Invest AS, a close associate of Vibecke Bondø, owns 1,948,052 shares in Salmon Evolution.

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Eunhong Min


Eunhong Min is the COO of Dongwon Industries and has broad international business experience. Prior to joining Dongwon, Mr. Min worked 27 years for Procter & Gamble and held various leading positions within the fields of strategy, business development and sales.

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Jan-Emil Johannessen


Jan-Emil Johannessen has over 30 years of experience in the aquaculture industry.

For the past 10 years he served as Head of Benchmark Genetics, building the company into a leading global supplier of aquaculture genetics for the salmon, shrimp and tilapia industry.

In his long and distinguished career, he has held many directorships in the aquaculture industry.

He currently holds several, including one as chairman of the board in Sulefisk, a salmon producer.

Johannessen owns 40,000 shares in Salmon Evolution.

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